Intelligent Hot Pack Neck Wrap



Always have a sore neck from sitting in front of a computer?

Love your work and take care of yourself! Intelligent Hot Pack Neck Wrap heats up quickly and puts heat on your neck so you can relax.


Intelligent Hot Pack
Fast heating by carbon fibre, stable temperature, intelligent temperature control, 3 levels of temperature adjustment, user-friendly design, the temperature of your choice.

Provides Ultra-Comfortable Hot Packs
Heats up in seconds to provide an ultra-comfortable hot compress for the neck and soothe it.

✨ Especially suitable for writers, students, teachers and people who work a lot on the computer.

Dual Purpose Charging & Plug-In
Charging and plugging in dual-use, free wireless and USB power interface, power bank supply design, easy to carry.

5V, TYPE -C connector to USB power cable interface, suitable for most cell phone data cable, positive and negative can be plugged in and used, convenient and fast, not easy to damage.

Net Pocket Design
The net bag is designed to hold Ay Tsao packs, lavender, etc. and is warmed to relieve anxiety, tension and stress.

Premium OK Fabric
High-quality OK fabric, long-lasting insulation, stretchy and comfortable, soft fabric and nice to wear. So that you can relax your neck in the best way!


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